Andrew Whelan

Project Managment & Data Science

About me

Data Science,

Data Engineering,

and Automation

Experienced Project Manager turned Engineer.

Take a look at my projects below.



A Streamlit-driven analytics dashboard showing sentiment analysis scores for decades of top 50's songs. Uses Spotify and LyricsGenius API's to pull data for new songs. Hosted on GCP.


Wiki Scraper

NASA API Gif Maker

Web scraper built with Beautiful Soup, Github Actions, and AWS


Sloan Sky Survey

Sloan Sky Survey ML

Using Random Forest Classification, this model can predict whether an object in the sky is a Star, Quasar, or Galaxy


Mars Rover Gif Maker

NASA API Gif Maker

Using Jupyter Notebooks and NASA APIs, this script creates a gif from images taken by the Mars rovers


RocketLab API

RocketLab API

Working off a previous implementation, this MongoDB-driven API gives results for every RocketLab launch

2020 and 2021

100 Days of Code

Coded for 100 days, learning JavaScript technologies and completing certifications


Up The Well

A collection of scripts to programmatically control rockets designed and flown in Kerbal Space Program, using a mod - KOS


Rowdy Road

A proof of concept text adventure, written in Python, to play around with game development

2020 and 2021 Projects

Multiple projects created on Codepen, many for certification challenges




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